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Debra grew up in Phoenix Arizona and moved to Southern California in 1988.  She has an accounting degree from Arizona State University and works as an accountant and tax preparer and business consultant out of her home, where she can watch her critters from her desk.

She is currently unmarried (where have all the cowboys gone??) and lives with an assortment of dogs, cats, horses, and chickens on her mini-farm.

A real, honest, unsolicited testimonial (not like that fake stuff on the first page):

Since I havent read the WHOLE book (was only allowed to see the rough draft and who knows, she could have embellished a bit more about me than she already had), I can only say this..  I've been one of her best friends for more years than I care to think about.  When my kids were young, she helped teach them both to ride, lectured them on the merits of keeping the corrals (if not their rooms or any part of the inside of the house for that matter) clean and in a healthy state for the horses. She helped them through gymkhana patterns, how to saddle and unsaddle a horse. 

Debbie was there when I was thrown from my horse and unable to ride (not to mention maybe too afraid to ever ride again).   Now that I think about it, she was there, standing by my side every time in my life I've had trials and tribulations, when things have gone from bad to worse and back again... I think she might just be a jinx. 

Diane Bailey, author's former riding buddy